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Tiny Mind Apps is a place where iPhone applications are hand crafted from all natural ingredients.
We make simple, easy to use applications suitable for all humans.

Things we make
Tax Tracker application icon

Tax Track

Forget the shoebox for holding receipts and trip logbooks, why not use your phone. Capturing photos of your receipts and details of each trip. Then when tax time rolls around send the information directly to your accountant. In upcoming releases Tax Track will include GPS trip tracking, Expense syncing via email, Cloud based reporting, and more.

YoWeather application icon


A weather application that focuses on the only number that counts, the temperature.

Coffee Run application icon

Coffee Run - Coming soon

Organise your coffee outings with friends and colleagues. Create groups, add friends and then let them know when your off for a coffee. They will get notified and can let you know if they want one or will join you.

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